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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

"Diamonds on the soles of my shoes"

If you work in a diamond mine, even the ordinary mud on the soles of your shoes can be worth money! It can be the same with the Internet. Whatever you do, where ever you go, somebody is paying for you to see the information you want and advertisers are paying substantial amounts just for you to have their adverts on your screen.

All of us use Google and other search engines every day to find information on the Internet. These search engines make thousands every hour by selling advertising and I recently found a way of tapping into this revenue. I've done some research on this and there seems to be no catch. Basically, search engines like Google, Windows Live and Yahoo! are prepared to share some of their revenue with affiliates who can drive customers to their pages.

One such affiliate, MySearchFunds (now restyled My Homepage Friends), shares some of that payment with you, the searcher. Now you can do what you do anyway and get paid for doing it!

Why not join me and get paid for doing what you do every day?
Depending on what I am researching, I may do as many as 40 searches a day but my average is around 15 - 20. At their quoted rate of 2.5 pence a search, that will go a long way towards paying for my Internet connection every month!

My Homepage Friends "is a great way for you to earn funds from your own internet searching! You can earn even more if you tell your friends and they raise funds in the same way.

For example, if you refer just 10 friends to use a search box for themselves, they will earn funds from their searches as you do from yours. We share the funds raised 50/50 with you and your friends. What is great is we will pay you some of our 50% from your friends searches in return for you referring them to us! You can refer as many friends, family or colleagues as you want!

It gets even better! As you can imagine, your friends will want to refer their friends, so can you benefit from that? Yes! We will reward you, as in the chart, for three 'levels' of friends. The same will apply to your friends. Everyone wins! Remember, the funds you earn from your friends searches do not come from yours or your friends 50%, but from our 50% in reward for your referrals. "

The amount they pay for each search varies from month to month (depending on the revenue they make through the searches) but, from the few days I have been a member, it seems to be just over 2p (4 cents) a search at the moment. The good thing is, though, that if you click on the banner and join, not only will you start to earn from every search you do but I shall also get a little thank you for introducing you!

In turn, the people you introduce will also add to your earnings and mine. All this is clearly set out on their website, together with a little calculator so you can see how much you might earn. What it boils down to is that the company have agreed to share 67.5% of their revenue with their members in return for using their service and, of course, it is FREE to join!

Are their results as good?
Their results are taken from Yahoo!, Windows Live Search and Ask (and shortly Google) and are presented to you based on how many of the search engines they appear in so the results should be just as good if not better!

Do I have to change how I search?
No, there is no need to change how you search, especially if you use the search toolbar in Firefox or IE7. A simple and small download will make MySearchFunds your default search engine and you then use it as you would Google (or any other search engine). You can always choose to use your normal search method - though you will not be paid for those searches, of course.

There are controls in place to ensure that people don't "play the system" by clocking up random or repetitive searches without regard for the results so, as long as you search for information as you would normally do, there should be no problem.

Is it safe? Are you sure it's not a scam?
Yes, it's safe. The small download is an automated script that simply makes it easy to set MySearchFunds as your default search engine. It isn't spyware (I checked) nor does it do anything nasty to your PC!

One always wonders if systems like this are genuine and will eventually pay what they promise. I have seen evidence that people have been paid in the past and the whole tone of the website seems honest and straightforward. Even if they go bust and don't pay (not very likely, by the look of things), they haven't asked me to do anything I would not otherwise have done anyway, so I shall at least
have lost nothing!

Why not click on the banner below NOW and join me in getting paid for doing what you do anyway?